Welcome to Bhuvi Enterprises

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We are Pune based company engaged in manufacturing & supplying of Machine tools Protection covers i.e. Bellows , telescopic covers, rollway covers, wipers , & Apron covers We manufacture covers for indigenous and imported GP, NC & CNC machines strictly as per requirement of our valued customer and take the complete product development responsibility from dimensions confirmation, designing, manufacturing and finally up to installation. Besides this we do also undertake REPAIRS & REFURBISHING activity of the covers (Telescopic & Rollway)& in which we repair & rebuild your old damaged covers to new condition at a fraction of the cost of new one.

Apart from safety covers Bhuvi Enterprises is also a Supplier of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Raw Materials like SS, Copper, Brass, Alummium Etc. This materials are available in Pipes-Tubes, Sheets-Plates, Wires-Rods, Strips-Flats, Circles, Rings, Flanges, Channels, Angles & Pipe Fittings. We supply the materials as per customer’s specification and requirement

We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent Price & Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements/queries

Protection Covers

We make All types of Machine tools safety covers like Bellow Covers ,Telescopic Covers, Apron Covers , Wipers etc.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous RAW Materials

We also provide all types of Raw materials in SS, Copper, Brass, Alummium and all Type of fitting etc .